BYKERR is an Multi-modal Public Transport Connectivity Platform in India, headquartered in Bangalore and offers convenient and comfortable first & last-mile pick/drop service to the daily metro and bus commuters.

Bykerr is an all-encompassing information-based mobile application that helps you book driver-driven rides to complete your daily commute and bridges the gap between you and your workplaces on the weekdays, to your hangout dine-ins or cafes on weekends or your general going to meet a distant friend or the visit to a doctor, groceries or shopping!

On the customer front, Bykerr provides the information on the nearby public transport (BUS/METRO) options to your destination and gives you flexible and skilled and trained captain-driven bike and auto rides to and from the bus or metro stations nearby.

Bykerr is an online platform created and designed by the common people, for the common people, the ones who actually faced those issues REAL-TIME


Why Bykerr


Continuous training, close backend monitoring of each transaction and strict adherence to company safety policy by every BYKERR to ensure absolute safety to customers and security to each of their transactions!


Get trusted and verified BYKERRS on a click with the utmost vision to provide CONVENIENCE!


A pocket friendly companion for all your needs with transparency on every
single penny spend on us with


We are committed to hear you and the team intends to operate on a close feedback system to be perceived as a Customer Centric Organization!

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